Logo Designs

A selection of logos I've designed for various clients.

The Hostmaster and Ivantica logos have been published in Taschen Logo Design.

CDE Sandblasting logo

Industrial protective coatings, waterproofing, corrosion treatment and abrasive blasting

Hostmaster logo

Internet and network services, website design, development and hosting

Redwood Property Management logo

Handyman and property maintenance

Attic Records logo

Electronic music record label

Redwood Nutrition logo

Nutritionist providing personalised diet plans

LightHouse logo

Lighting and audio-visual equipment sales, hire, installation and repair

Softweb logo

Software and web application development

RealPro logo

Real-estate website software development and hosting

Maxwel logo

Electronic music artist

Clone logo

Graphic and multimedia design and development

Ivantica logo

Software development and internet services

XenonOz logo

Automotive products and HID lighting systems

Learning with Confidence