Design Director

Jitjatjo is the leading casual-staffing marketplace and workforce management platform.

As Design Director, I was responsible for overseeing all aspects of design company-wide, from product and UI through to sales and marketing, as the start-up grew from two employees to 100+ over eight years.

Jitjatjo web and mobile apps


I joined Jitjatjo in 2016 as Senior Product Designer - the second full-time employee. I worked with the CEO to expand initial user stories and wireframes into complete product designs. In October 2016 we launched Jitjatjo in New York. Since then we expanded to 11 cities across the US and Australia. The design team grew from myself as the sole designer, to a team of multidisciplinary designers who I lead as Design Director.

The Jitjatjo platform consists of several web and mobile apps. Flex, for talent seeking work, Ondemand, for clients seeking workers, and Dash, the administration console. The mobile apps support both iOS and Android.

Jitjatjo Ondemand web app

As the company continued to grow to 100+ employees I built a team of product and marketing designers and managed design output across the entire business, from product design, to marketing, sales and internal design materials.

I worked with the product leads and operations to ensure that business requirements were being met, and worked with the sales and marketing teams to provide digital, print, presentation, and event creative.

Jitjatjo Dash web app

Design Systems

My team and I developed a set of design systems and style guides, with interface components matched one-to-one with the front-end teams’ component systems for ease of development, and to ensure the quality of our UI designs were maintained through to build.

Our design systems used the Atomic Design methodology. The components were all responsive, and allowed us to design and build interfaces quickly and easily across multiple devices and resolutions.

Jitjatjo design systemJitjatjo design system

Company Rebrand

In 2019 we engaged with a branding agency to overhaul the Jitjatjo brand. I managed the rebrand process. Working around the clock, my team and I rebranded all products and public facing websites in two weeks.

Due to the efficiencies of our design systems, our front-end development teams were able to implement the rebrand work in the following two weeks.

In less than a month, all products and websites had been updated to the new brand.

Jitjatjo before rebrand
Jitjatjo after rebrand


The Jitjatjo platform has been licensed to several major enterprise organisations. In early 2024, Jitjatjo secured a Series B funding round of US$30M.

Jitjatjo Marketing