Jitjatjo Marketing

Design Director

Jitjatjo is the leading casual-staffing marketplace and workforce management platform.

I worked closely with the marketing team and the Senior Marketing Designer to produce all marketing materials including websites, promotional print, and event collatoral.

Jitjatjo promotional brochure on The Rise of Gig Work and Gen Z

Marketing Website

My team and I designed and developed the Jitjatjo website using Webflow. I used Weglot for the Spanish translation and for regional changes for the Australian market.

Job Board Website

I designed and developed the Jitjatjo Job Board which is used to advertise available positions across the platform.

It was originally developed using Webflow, and made extensive use of the platform's database functionality, with over 2000 records. I helped develop SQL queries that would provide CSV output to automatically populate the data.

Eventually, the Job Board was converted to an internally developed product. I wrote the functional and technical specifications and managed QA to ensure smooth conversion from Webflow to the productised version.

Jitjatjo marketing website
Jitjatjo Job Board website

Event Creative

Together with our Senior Marketing Designer, I oversaw designs for several events such as Gartner's ReimagineHR conference in the US, EMEA and APAC.

Creative involved booth designs, promotional flyers, and animated video screens.

Jitjatjo was named a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Talent Marketplaces.

Jitjatjo event booth design
Jitjatjo event booth design