Head of Product

Roamz was a location-based mobile app that searched social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare to show places and events trending in real-time nearby.

As Head of product, I managed the product design, roadmap, and development of the mobile and web apps.

Roamz web and mobile apps


Working for a small start-up of around 15 people, I was responsible for solution design, interface & interaction design, front-end development management and QA/testing. I worked closely with the CEO, CTO, and Head of Marketing, as well as the front and back-end development teams.

As well as showing nearby events and places, Roamz allowed you to create your own posts on the platform, and share them to your other socials.

If you were planning a trip somewhere, or just looking for something specific, Roamz provided location-based search, allowing you to see what locals recommend in that area.

Roamz Home and Search screens
Roamz Place screen
Roamz Post and New Post screens
Roamz Profile screen

iPad and Web Apps

The iPad app was one of the first on the App Store to use Apple's new 3D map technology, providing a 3D view of social media activity around you.

The web app provided a taste of what Roamz could offer, enticing people to download the mobile apps.

Roamz iPad app
Roamz web app


In 18 months, Roamz achieved 250,000 downloads, and was recognised by Apple as App of the Week in the Australian App Store, App of the Day in the US App Store, and was a featured app in the Google Play store. It was featured in publications such as TechCrunch, CNET and ZDNet.

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